Monday, April 12, 2010

Don't laugh... I'm a newbie.

Hello? *tap tap tap*

Is this thing on?

Wow, I've been thinking about blogging for quite some time and now that I'm here I'm actually quite shy.

For weeks, months even, I've
been thinking about all the wise, insightful, inspirational, helpful things I was going to post. My thoughts were rampant and varied: from sharing about the Green Sand Beach in Hawaii to do's and don'ts of a wholesale trade show. Where new inspirations come from... marketing 101.... the idiot drivers in Los Angeles.... my newest accounts... the fool I made of myself at karaoke.... funny trade show stories...

I guess I want to write about what makes me tick as a designer, why I do
the things I do: crazy, sane and everything in between. I also think this will be an excellent place to share my experiences in wholesaling that other designers often ask me about.

Honestly, what really got me off by lazy butt to finally start a blog was the movie Julie and Julia. You know, the one about the girl (Julie) who decides to cook her way through Julia Child's opus of a cookbook in one year while blogging about it all the while. I don't have anything nearly as exciting as that, but hopefully I will be entertaining and charming and dazzling and my faithful readers will be begging for more. Hopefully.

So let me start with the last thing that inspired me.

My girlfriend had this plant on her porch and it was glorious. It's a carnivorous plant called a "purple pitcher plant" or "sarracenia purpurea venosa" if you want to get technical. Frilly and girly, it's deadly to any bugs that helplessly find themselves lured by the promised sweetness.

All those pink ruffles sent me into a tizzy of sketches for a new series. I'll post some pics of the waxes once they are "picture ready".

My only question is: does anyone know how to turn metal that fantastical color?


  1. Fun new blog
    interesting how artists get their inspiration
    often from nature
    good luck looking forward to more

  2. Hi Henry, you are my first comment! thanks! This is so exciting!!!

    It's funny, I was have a conversation with one of my artist friends and she said "If another jeweler uses "I'm inspired by nature" in their artist statement I'm gonna scream". Hm... I use it, cause it's true. Hmm.. perhaps this is my next topic?

  3. Namaste' & Cheers!!!
    Way to go Amery. Can't wait to have a peek inside that head of yours.
    ps-never a fool at karaoke.

  4. Hey girl, I was totally thinking about you today! I need to go to yoga and I was thinking WWMD? Well, she'd get her booty to yoga, that's what!

  5. you should always ask yourself this question Amery to know the right thing to do in any given situation. I can have one of those super cool rubber wristbands made for you if you like.
    ps.go to yoga.

  6. Seriously, I'm going to make a bracelet! that would be too funny. You can give it to your boys. awesome. oh boy, I crack myself up. yes, yoga tomorrow am.

  7. Does yoga help you get into the creative zone?
    I imagine it would
    Have you created anything yoga inspired?

  8. Gosh, but you're a good writer! So proud of you for getting the blog up and going. And if these posts are any indication, it's gonna be a duzy. Putting it on my roll right now.

  9. thanks, Lora *blush*. They won't normally be that long, I promise!!!!

  10. Gosh, Henry, I'm so sorry- I just now saw this post from you.

    Yes, I have some yoga inspired work- I'll do a little blog about it next week. Stay tuned.

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