Wednesday, September 15, 2010


So this is so not about jewelry, but it is about my life which is what blogs are all about, right?

Many of you don't know that the reason I've been so busy is that we've been fostering a very sweet dog. He followed my husband and our two dogs, Spike and Ruby home from a hike a few months ago.

We tried to find his owners, but he had no tags and no microchip. We waited a month for an owner to surface before we had him fixed.

Not only was he "intact" but he was not housebroken at 10-11 months old, so he walked into our house and lifted his leg- yikes! But he also didn't know the word "no". Since then, he has made great strides. Mostly through Dave's diligent work with him. He sits and lays down on command, is becoming a great heeler on the leash and is learning "stay".

As much as we've enjoyed having him around, and Ruby and Spike have loved him as well, we simply do not have the time, money, energy to keep a third dog and do him justice. So we're looking for a forever home.

Please send this to your friends, even if they are
not looking for a dog, they might know of someone who is. You can also go to facebook and "like" our AdoptTrouble page and ask your friends to do the same. Even if you are not in the Los Angeles area your friends or friends of your friends might be. He is a lovely dog and we'll miss him when he's gone so hopefully the forever home will be local and we can have Trouble over for play-dates and the occasional weekend.

here's the facebook page:

Here's the flyer I've been sending out:

Please help me find my forever home!

Hi my name is Trouble. My foster parents found me abandoned at a popular dog hiking spot and have taken me in until they can find me a forever home. But my time is running out and I need a home ASAP.

I am very sweet and cuddly and also have loads of puppy energy. There is not a mean bone in my body, I'm the first to roll over at the dog park.

I am male, neutered and believed to be about 11 months old. I love, love, love other dogs and kids, but I'm still a little rambunctious so for now, it's best if the kids are bigger than me. Did I mention that I love to cuddle?

I'm a neutered male lab/pit mix, weigh 55 lbs. I have all my shots and paperwork.

My foster parents would love to have me back for visits and the occasional weekend if the situation works out, so you'd have a built in dog sitter!

Contact info: Amery Carriere 213.413.8813
located in Los Angeles, CA

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