Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sorry, Boss!

Sorry, Boss! Today I had to play hooky for an hour. I got up, drove Dave to work (we're sharing one car until we get everything sorted), went to Yoga, then had to run some errands in nearby Mairangi Bay.

Shucks. Had to run errands in a beach town!

Walking from one errand to the next took me right by the beach. I swear, I did not take a detour to purposefully walk on the shore. Really.

Cuppa in hand I just had to take a break. After all, it had been a hard day in paradise so far! So, I sat on the grass by the beach for a few minutes...

...watched a dog frolic in the bay (and then jump, dripping wet on an unexpecting couple), was cawed at by some beautiful seagulls (I'll get a better pic next time, but they are really pretty- they have red beaks and beautiful wings) and generally took in the amazing scenery.

Our beaches remind me a bit of the Monterey Peninsula: cypress trees, rolling hills, the faint truly salty smell of ocean and seaweed, and a crisp breeze with the sun warming your skin.

Differences? First of all, there are palms and ferns of all shapes and sizes.
And did I mention that our water is turquoise?

So sorry, boss.. had to play hooky. But do you blame me?

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