Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Spring is here, again!

Well... for us in the Southern Hemi, Spring is here! We had our first crazy rain/thunder/lightening/tornado storm the other day and it wasn't as bad as they said it would be, but there was still a TORNADO!!!!  I must have watched The Wizard of Oz one too many times as a kid, because TORNDOES freak me the *$@%^$& out.

Enough of that... here's some cool spring bling for you guys. Am putting these pieces up on ETSY today. (Now that I've said it I have to do it, right?) So check them out.

This is my favorite bracelet right now. I wear it all the time, the blackened sterling has a great patina now!

 This stunner features one white diamond for a little sparkle!

Ok, so these exact ones won't go up on ETSY. They are one of a kind with rose cuts and fancy cut white diamonds and they are mine... all mine! But I can do something similar for you if you'd like. I'm also thinking of doing these with some hot pink sapphires. They look incredible in blackened sterling.
Did you know that this design was actually inspired by last year's Monarch wing?

Happy Spring to me!


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